Start 2018 by going inwards - Satsang Retreat 3-6 Jan with Tiger Singleton

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Summing up 2017

2017 has in many ways been a rich year at Ängsbacka. We have been hosting 20 EVS-volunteers, staying 6 or 12 months doing learning projects. Also, we gave birth to two new festivals, Sacred Womb and Conscious Parenting, who both will come back in 2018.

In July we hosted 600 co-creators joining the European Ecovillages Conference. As an offspring from that, the organizer Katie Kukolj with co-teachers, will offer a one month Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) in February. See the video capturing the spirit and vision of the conference, and read more about diving deeper into shaping a sustainable future – for ourselves, our communities and the world.

Enjoy advent and X-mas, welcome to join us for New Year's and see you back in 2018 – hopefully a year of inner stillness and creative manifestation... / Ängsbacka Spirit with Crew

Welcome to a sparkling New Year!

 ✧ More than 50 workshops and ceremonies  ✧ Amazing house band ✧ Sharing ✧ Dance and CelebrationTheatre Happening ✧ Meditation and Stillness ✧ New Year's Dinner Deluxe ✧


It Takes 2 to Tango ✧ Ecstatic Dance ✧ Voice Exploration ✧ Kundalini Yoga & Gong ✧ Thai Massage ✧ Sacred World Fusion ✧ 5 Rhythms Free Dance ✧ and more...

Check out the Festival Program!

Bengt Renander has written 6 books and is a renowned lecturer. In new year he will offer the workshop: "Increase your creativity – trough presence and awareness!

“We live in two worlds – in reality that is now, and in the world of thought where everything is a story.” ✧ Read the full article!

Praful Mystic - a magical musician

Only 25 tickets left - Read more & book your ticket here!

3-6 Jan: Satsang Retreat with Tiger Singleton

"Uncovering the Self-Imposed Limitations (or bullshit) that keeps us distant from the Authentic Connection we crave so sincerely."
Tiger Singleton will be part of New Year and offer a deepening retreat right after.
Read more about Tiger and the retreat here! 

Ecovillages & Sustainability

This summer Ängsbacka welcomed the yearly GEN European Ecovillage Conference. 600 ecovillage enthusiasts shared innovative ideas and projects on sustainability and community living – through workshops and talks, as well as through dance, music, film, ancestral work and much more. Get eco-spired to go "deeper, greener and closer" by the video and the photo gallery! 

Click to see the Photo Gallery!

Go Eco-deeper!

A month of diving deep into creating sustainable communities - hosted by Katie Kukolj, Anna Kovasna & Mariana França from the GEN conference.

 Co-creating a vibrant learning community with a whole-systems approach to action including: Social & Communal ✧ Culture & Worldview ✧ Economy ✧ Ecology

See the rich EDE schedule!

Read more here!

Vacancies - Garden and Shop

Vegetable Garden, work leader

Start in spring - read more here!

Ängsbacka Shop is for rent

Host our shop as your own business!

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Next month’s issue will include a teaser from Renzo Aneröd’s documentary about Ängsbacka life, a deep look on the making of “Three Miles”, and the release of the first teachers booked for No Mind, Yoga and Tantra. Don’t miss it out!

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